The Evolving Canadian Fisherman


Well as times change people evolve with their sport.   Ever since our mexico trip last summer (2013) and my 1st experiance with SpearFishing,  I have been itching to take it up back in my home country of Alberta Canada.    Over the last year i have been gathering needed nessisary equipment to break into spearfishing.   Diving waters in Alberta Canada is a little differnt beast than in the warm tropical waters of Mexico and other areas where this form of fishing is more common.  

Here in Alberta Canada a full wetsuit minimum of 8mm with hood, dive boots & gloves is a mandatory,  to keep the chill off the body and the core temperature up.  A dive belt with enough weight to keep you and your suit negative buoyancy so your able to keep level in our rough cold mountain fed lakes, reservoirs & rivers.   A pair of fins to help propel you through the water with ease.   Most dives are in 8-10 feet of water with the occasional dive of up to 20 feet.
Dive Boots

Dive Gloves

Dive Hood

Dive fins & Weightbelt with enough weight to level the diver out.

Mask & Desert Dry Snorkel

Always carry a dive knife while diving and especially while free diving…

Falcon Nemrod Speargun & Spear with tip and line

Gun choice is up to the shooter but a lower powerd gun works better for our rocky river beds and saves the heads on our spears.   Guns around here need to be special ordered from a dive shop as spearing doesn’t have a huge following in Alberta.   My First gun is a second hand score from a local used goods web site located in Canada. 

Gun is a Vintage Falcon Nemrod and was purchased for a steel of a deal for $30.


Well Monday June 9th 2014 another local spero and my self met up to do some scouting of a local reservoir with the boat, and to do an equipment check.  With hopes of finding some clear visibility water to do some spearing.   Although we didn’t find any fishable water due in part to the run off and the murky color visibility was at less than a foot,  we did test out our gear in the chillie waters & scout out a few possible locations to come back to as the run off slows and the waters clear.





This above cove in the Reservoir was our pick of spots.  And had lots of promising fish holding waters and habitat.  We tried diving the waters but visibility was a foot any direction definitely too murky to be shooting fish.  Everything went off with out a hitch,  equipment checked out perfect, as did the location for a return summer trip to In a few weeks.

Now this Alberta Canada fisherman has a little bit of extra gear to haul around on diveable waters around Alberta!



Stay tuned for more exciting spearfishing adventures from Alberta Canada, trips to British Columbia & Saskatchewan to come as soon as our water clears and our planned trips unfold. With plans to add a go-pro camera to capture some video footage.



Had to let the daughter and wife come along on our outting. And cast a few lures for the fishies on this beautiful evening.

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The Canadian Cold War Bunker


The Canadian Cold War Bunker, the government of Canada started to build during the Cold War to house sensitive documents. The bunker was never completed, only a total of 4 rooms were dynamited out of the mountain. Still an interesting place to visit, with many interesting and visually pleasing side trips along the way… Like Heart Creek Falls. The Cold War Bunker is located along side the Trans-Canada highway west of Calgary. The Heart Creek Parking lot serves as the staging point for this trip…… It’s a short 10km round trip along the Trasn-Canada Hiking trail. Easy family hike but bring your flash lights!! And the last 200 meters are a steep climb or easier switch back for the people would would prefer to skip the scramble.

We did this trip twice the 2012 year. Once in the winter & once in the early spring…

Me and the Family at the entrance:

Me & my Adventuring Buddy at the entrance:


The old lady and daughter beside the entrance to the Bunker:


Having a fire & Beer to get warm:

Me & the Homeboy:

The Road Dogs (Vinny Paz & Mischa)


A look into the bunker from the entrance:

My Daughter excited to get our exploring on!!!


A look back to the outside world from the entrance…..


Looking at the

Have to love the historically correct Picto-Graffiti on the bunker walls:

More Graffiti:

My daughter and Vinny Paz:


Man and mans best friends follow closely behind:


Early Spring 2012 Trip:

Me & my better half:

The family at Cold War Bunker:


Me & the Dogs:


A view onto the lake below:


The daughter on the trail:


A look around the abandoned Bunker:


Exploring around the abandoned bunker:


A look around the site: Hwy 1 is below in this picture.


Playing around at the Bunkers:


My woman:

Playing around l:












The Ice Caves-Brag Creek Alberta


This series of Ice Caves we visited was in Kananaskis Countey by the town/hamlet of Brag Creek Alberta. The hike to these caves is not for the faint of heart or lazy. It’s a 17KM hike to the base of the mountain, then another 2 km scramble up the steep, crumbly rocks to the mouth of the cave.

This trip was done on 2 different trips One was a scouting trip the other a family excursion in the winter & spring of 2012

The key features of this cave are the huge ice crystals that run from roof of the cave all the way to the floor, and the hundreds of ice crystals that forum on the ground and grow up to the roof during the summer/fall months.
Floor to roof ice formation:


Base of the ice crystal:

Beginning formations on the ground from dripping water:

The Ice Wall:


The ice wall is near the back of the caves and seals off another portion of the cave and this has been sealed of for nelly 50 years ( so the story’s says).

During our exploration of the caves we came across another entrance slightly to the north of the main entrance & north of the ice wall that someone was trying to excavate with tools….


We have made two trips to this Ice Cave and are planning on a second trip… Which would have to be a gorilla overnight trip (As overnight camping is not permitted in the area) I have come across countless maps and information detailing another set of caves located on the far side of the mountain that are connected to the Ice Caves we visited called ” The Tubes” so you can expect another follow up story just as soon as we make a trip to the tubes… In the below picture we visited the cave A and as can be seen the tubes are located on the far side of the mountain at B.


Our 1st Trip was just me and a buddy doing a scout so we could see how save this cave was to take our family’s and children. The cave turned out to be very safe with proper precautions and lighting. So our second trip we took our family’s. My 6 year old daughter came along for the trip. As well as my Pitbull Miacha and my buddy’s dog Vinny Paz.

Me & My Daughter deep inside Ice Cave A:

The Ice Cave A entrance goes back some 800 meters through some tight squeezes…

Perfect size for a pint size child lol: (I wouldn’t suggest taking a child who does not listen of is scared of the dark and tight places. Because once you commit to crawling through a passage your going through:



The main section of the cave is very open until you come to the ice wall, then past the ice-wall it turns into a tight belly crawling experience for over 100 meters until your finally able to stand up and walk down a narrow tunnel till it gets too right to go any further… And me and my buddy tried squeezing as far as we could until it became to dangerous…
























In the area there are numerous other caves and entrances into the mountain… On the 1st trip with my buddy we came across this one….


And this one:


Due to the fact we didn’t have proper ice climbing equipment with us we opted to leave these entrances for anther adventure…

Ice formations:


More ice formations:

More ice formations:


More ice formations:


The way this mountain and cave formed, it’s a gold mine for the Rock & Fossil hunter! It’s hard to not turn over or break open a rock and not find a fossil:






More ice formation Pictures: these formations are literally all over the floor of the cave… And eventually will grow to the roof of the cave given time:





Ice Caves:


If your not living on the edge your taking up too much room:


The Canadian Fisherman

Basic Day Pack & Fishing Pack:

(Above photo is missing a couple things that are stored either on my Jeep or truck. hip or chest waiters, binoculars, float tube or kayak when conditions and location require, other rods & fishing net along with my soft and natural baits)

Lets look into the basic equipment this Canadian Angler takes into the back Country while spending a day on the water enjoying some fishing! By backcountry I mean away from the crowd… A good day fishing for me is seeing no one except for the native animals & plants. I go out of my way to assure I have a pristine time while fishing. Most of the time I like to go it alone with just the dogs. Unless its family fishing then we usually settle for a good spot away from people with the kids.

But this is my basic solo fishing kit for a day trip; which in an emergency situation will keep me safe & alive for a couple nights in the back county if need be.

Fishing gear break down:

My Rod of Choice for Back Country Fishing is my Temple Fork Outfitters 3 wt 7’6″ 2pc graphite rod. Puts the fight right in your hands on a small stream/creek or river


Along with my modified Fishpond double hauler chest and back pack. The pack has been discarded in favor of a larger day pack to haul around other needed gear ie (drinks, food, snacks and extra cloths etc)

Everything packed:



Unpacked Fishing Chest Pack

This chest pack contains everything I have ever needed to catch any fish in Alberta that I feel like perusing.

Tools for the Back Country Fisherman:

Bear bangers and bear mace are a must when fishing alone in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta. Especially when stalking fish around a noisy river that will mask any noise you might make to alert bears. A surprised bear is a dangerous bear. Better to be safe than sorry especially while fishing alone. The bear banger also serves as a flare gun & a whistler shot to gain attention of people or alert animals of your presence… I carry 2 fixed blade hunting knifes one on my person and the other on my pack. Along with a baton, fire starter, Swiss Army knife & multi tool to round out the package.

1st Aid Kit:
I’ll write another post detailing the contents of my personal 1st aid kit. Which ill change out supplies depending on the country/terrain or amount of people in my group, the 1st aid kit also contains the basics for short term survival… If a larger group is present or an extended multi day trip, ill swap this kit out for my larger more comprehensive kit i keep in my truck/jeep.

You can get away with A much smaller kit depending on your situation but seeing as i like to fish alone more often than not i never leave home with out this!! Especially into the back country where this one item could save yours or someone else’s life!


Back country day pack:



This is what this Canadian Fisherman carries with him while back country fishing in and around the slopes of the Great Canadian Rocky Mountains! Any feedback or comments, suggestions are always appreciated since it is always changing and evolving..


happy trails and good fishing!

The Canadian Fisherman


I’m a lucky angler who’s had the fortune to fish the world Famous Lower , middle & Upper Bow River, Elbow River, Sheep River, Red Deer River, Ghost River & numerous creeks and streams through out Alberta as well as countless lakes throughout the province just to name a few. I’ve had the fortune to fish through out British Columbia from the Kootanys through to the Okanagan. And the great fortune to fish the beaches and flats in Playa Del Carmen in Mexico! Wow is all this angler had to say, had my 8wt fly rod snapped in half! Never felt a fish like that in my life and if I ever do another salt water trip I’ll be investing in a decent off shore rig as well as stainless steel lures and tackle as i ruined well over $500 worth of fishing gear on our Mexican adventure!

I’ve caught just about every kind of fish Alberta has to offer (Brown Trout, Cutthroat Trout, Rainbow Trout, Golden Trout, Lake Trout, Brook Trout & the Famous Bull Trout who is so special to Alberta, Northern Pike, Walleye, Perch, Lake Whitefish, Mountain Whitefish, Burbot) except for the stocked Arctic Grayling in the hike in Bear Lake & the sturgeons that live on some local waters.. Which are on my bucket list!

A few places in my bucket list would have to be Australia, Florida, Hawaii, Northern Saskatchewan, Yukon and The Coast of British Columbia. Hopefully next summer the last two will be crossed off my bucket list. Anything after those places will be just gravy!

Playa Del Carmen-Mexico



Middle Bow River – Bears Paw Dam


Barrier Lake – Kananaskis Country


Upper Kananaskis Lake with the old Lady…..




Ghost Lake my boy Vegas & my last time fishing together! RIP my friend! You were always the best partner to have on the water while fishing.. Loved and will deeply miss our early morning excursions, and late night arrivals home. RIP July 22 2013 our last day on the water together!